Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Lower Prices

Please, everyone and anyone I just wanted to let you all know that since times are hard for everyone I have decided to lower most of my prices, for a time. I also feel I have had bad advice in how to price items and thus the change needed to happen. I started this web store to offer affordable prices for cloth diapers and other items I can make, it started to get to be a bit much. I may at a later date raise a few but I would rather people get a good deal on items they need. I understand how hard it is and would like to pass my good fortune and talents on to others. You all can still join my yahoo group and my facebook page. There you can gain access to updates, deals, discounts, and coupon codes for my store. I hope to see you all shopping soon and please tell all your friends.

Thank you all,
Sandra Mroczka

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