Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's that time again, I have something to list!!!!!!!

Well I've been busy with the kids and with school but I finally have something to list and it goes live today. In honor of my new kindle I have made some crochet cases that fit Kindles and Nooks. It is of my own pattern since I have been looking around for a pattern to make a case for mine and couldn't find one I liked. I hope to soon have a pattern to sell as well. Any who here's what was listed for sale today 12/14/2010. As always if you like what you seen click the pick to buy. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink RoseKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Rose

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink RoseKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and Blues

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Two Blue FlowerKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Two Blue Flower

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Tweed w/DaisyKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Tweed w/Daisy

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and TealKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and Teal