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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's that time again, I have something to list!!!!!!!

Well I've been busy with the kids and with school but I finally have something to list and it goes live today. In honor of my new kindle I have made some crochet cases that fit Kindles and Nooks. It is of my own pattern since I have been looking around for a pattern to make a case for mine and couldn't find one I liked. I hope to soon have a pattern to sell as well. Any who here's what was listed for sale today 12/14/2010. As always if you like what you seen click the pick to buy. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink RoseKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Rose

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink RoseKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and Blues

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Two Blue FlowerKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Two Blue Flower

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Tweed w/DaisyKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Pink Tweed w/Daisy

Kindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and TealKindle/Nook Clutch-Crochet Brown and Teal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally I've listed something but you have to wait for it

Hi there I have finally listed some items but you have to wait till Saturday to get them. So I figure you all deserve a sneak peek at what I have listed for purchase on Saturday September 25, 2010

Scrappy Legs



So in further news I have decided not to change my store name but to embrace it. It is catchy and still relevant to what I'm doing with my store. I will soon finish and list the diapers I have here in my room as well as some children soft soled shoes, fleece covers, and fleece pants. I hope to have tons more ready for a craft fair I'm considering doing this year. I'll be taking my toys, doll items and my wonderful crochet bags. I also hope to soon post pics of my cleaned up and organized craft room. Now in progress as I type this out for you. Any who I hope you all have enjoyed you sneak preview.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just so much to do

Oh hello all I've been very busy with my kids and trying to get back to making some new and wonderful things for you all. But I have also been thinking about changing my focus. I have still tons of left over baby diapers that need to be finished and other items I will not be making anymore. I have added jewelry, crochet bags, and I'll be adding a few others so I'm also considering changing my name. But I'll still be making my wonderful wool soakers so not sure what to do as of yet. I may not be able to add anymore new items for at least one month so that I can work on getting my home, kids, and craft room ready for some changes. I appericate all your support in my endeavors and would love to be ready for Christmas this year with tons of great new and fun products for the whole family.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm so proud to present a new addition to my store, Betsy's Baubles

Hi all you fans of Scrappy Nappy HC, I just enlisted a local jewlery artist to create beautiful creations for some special lady in you life. All of these items will be hand made and oh so charming addition for any wardrobe. Making any woman proud to own just one piece. Here is a sneak peek of what will be listed this weekend. So you can drool all over your computer. LOL

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Okay now grab a towel (HEE HEE) I have so much to list I couldn't fit it all here. I also can promise you there is so much more to come. At the moment I'm working on discriptions and prices so I should have all this listed in the store by Sunday or Tuesday.

Here the Slide Show for Betsy's Baubles

Thanks for stopping by and having a gander at this artist's work. Happy Shopping

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just listed 5-23-2010 I know I know it's been a while

Oh okay all you Scrappy Nappy Fans I finally have something new listed in the store today. I meant to do it on friday, but was busy with things for my kids. I did list 1 item late Saturday but didn't get the others till today. Well I've also been working on stuff for my church, the preshool my kids go to, new patterns, items for my family, items I've been promising my daughter, items I never finished, new mediums to work in...... well I disgress. The list could go on and on. But without further adew here's what I'm now offering Crochet Shopping Tote Bags. Some are plastic and some made from acrylic yarn. They are a fashionable eco-friendly solution for all you're shopping needs. Who ever said you can't be "green" and fashion forward, well they were wrong. Just feast your eyes on my handy work.

First up the plastic- These paticular ones were made from garbage bags (new and unused) I will offer some like these that are made from grocery bags but I haven't finished the one I started yet. (it takes a lot and I use totes for most of my shopping. Needless to saw I don't get a lot of plastic ones.)

Now for the Acrylic Yarn ones

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just listed 3-20-2010

I'm a little late today listing but here it is. I made these bibs, I've been making these for years for friends and family. I love the ones I made for my kids so I decided to list these for sale. They are great for kids as young as 3 months to as old as 5 years old. So I hope you all will enjoy these as much as I do.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is a little late But yesterday (3-12-10) I stocked hats and today (3-13-10) I stocked Duck feet

Okay I was trying very hard this week to get some items listed. So I have 5 hats that I made and listed this friday 3-12-2010
Gray Crochet Brimmed Skull Cap Super Soft Gray Brimmed Skull Cap
Wisteria Crochet Brimmed Skull Cap Soft Navy Crochet Brimmed Skull Cap
Spring Green Crochet Brimmed Skull Cap

Then today I finished and stocked this item, Orange Duck feet. I'm planning on making Blue Footed Boobie Bird Feet, Dragon or Dino Feet as well.
Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yet another busy week so not a lot to list but this 3-5-2010

Who said being a SAHM (stay at home mom) was easy is a lair, LOL. I have been very involved lately with my church so I didn't get a lot done. But I did re-organize my room so I can find items to finish. Now if only I had the time, HEE HEE. Any who I'm working on more stock of my stacking cups, making bunnies, some bears and a duck slipper I found a pattern for. (so cute) However I did get this hat done and 3 more started. enjoy the view.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just listed today 2/21/2010

Well I didn't get must done this week and I had not listed anything last week. I was really busy with the kids and work at the church. Any who this week I was developing a new pattern for crochet stacking cups and a crochet brimmed skull cap. The first of many was listed today, as always with my skull caps they are all OSFM about age 3 or 4 all the way up to adult size.
So far I am very pleased with the hat but I'm working on making some stock of the stacking cups, since I recieved so many compliments on them. The stacking cups should be listed by this friday 2/26/2010. But here is a sneak peak at the proto-type I have made.
Photobucket Photobucket
this pic shows how they look when they are nested
there is a child chocking safty device pictures with them to show how big they are the smallest one doesn't fit in the device without forcing it.

Now these are just a proto-type made in primary colors but I can do them in secondary or rainbow shades too. I came up with this idea of making crochet soft stacking cups because I don't really like the idea of the hard plastic kind and not really sold on the cardboard ones, since my boys are really rough on toys. But I really like the soft blocks I had and made some others for my LOs so I thought why not soft stacking cups. I made these from acylic yarn and I figuring a price around 15.00-20.00 for the price not sure yet.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed the view