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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally I've listed something but you have to wait for it

Hi there I have finally listed some items but you have to wait till Saturday to get them. So I figure you all deserve a sneak peek at what I have listed for purchase on Saturday September 25, 2010

Scrappy Legs



So in further news I have decided not to change my store name but to embrace it. It is catchy and still relevant to what I'm doing with my store. I will soon finish and list the diapers I have here in my room as well as some children soft soled shoes, fleece covers, and fleece pants. I hope to have tons more ready for a craft fair I'm considering doing this year. I'll be taking my toys, doll items and my wonderful crochet bags. I also hope to soon post pics of my cleaned up and organized craft room. Now in progress as I type this out for you. Any who I hope you all have enjoyed you sneak preview.

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