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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look What I've Made For Myself

I have a Kindle that I just love. Well I couldn't afford to buy a leather case for it and I wanted a cooler one than what they offered. So this is what I came up with and I'm so proud of it I had to show it off.

MY New Kindle CaseMY New Kindle Case
These Pictures are of the outside front cover with the closer on and the other is the inside view of the case with my kindle inside.
MY New Kindle CaseMY New Kindle Case
These pictures are of the back and the other is of the inside of the cover with the front folded back and the closer applied so that the front is better controlled.

It is made from a book I bought to remove the pages. Then I covered it in a woven cotton print. The inside is black satin and trimmed in black satin ribbon. The my Kindle is held in by two figure eights of satin ribbon. The closer is made of fold over elastic (this was left over pieces I had). Well, I have thought I might make these for sale since it was so easy for me to make. What do you all think???? Your thoughts............Let me know. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Lower Prices

Please, everyone and anyone I just wanted to let you all know that since times are hard for everyone I have decided to lower most of my prices, for a time. I also feel I have had bad advice in how to price items and thus the change needed to happen. I started this web store to offer affordable prices for cloth diapers and other items I can make, it started to get to be a bit much. I may at a later date raise a few but I would rather people get a good deal on items they need. I understand how hard it is and would like to pass my good fortune and talents on to others. You all can still join my yahoo group and my facebook page. There you can gain access to updates, deals, discounts, and coupon codes for my store. I hope to see you all shopping soon and please tell all your friends.

Thank you all,
Sandra Mroczka

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New items to be added 6/24/2011

Well as many of you know I have been studying hard to get my Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Since I just transferred to my new school and have changed my degree to what it is presently. I have not had a lot of time to do all the crafting I used to do, but I am working on finishing some of the things I have started sometime ago. Presently, I have been doing quite a bit of crocheting while I read my school books, thus I have a ton of bags to list tomorrow.

Many people have enjoyed my crochet rainbow bag (I have been carrying it for about a year now) and have asked if I could make one for them. Well here is your chance. I have 8 made and ready for a new home.

These are made just like the rainbow bag. These great totes are awesome for moms diaper bag, a purse, the beach, eco-friendly shopping, crafting, the gym, or as I do all of the before mentioned plus my school books. I just love the size, not to big but just big enough, they are soft, comfortable, and dare I say "fashionable" for any one. So enjoy the view or pick up a few since they are so reasonably priced.

Pink/Brown/Tan Crochet Bag
Scrap Blue BagsScrap Blue Bags
Pink/Brown/Tan Crochet BagPink/Brown/Tan Crochet Bag

Okay and one more purse

Pink/Brown/Tan Crochet BagPink/Brown/Tan Crochet Bag