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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just listed 5-23-2010 I know I know it's been a while

Oh okay all you Scrappy Nappy Fans I finally have something new listed in the store today. I meant to do it on friday, but was busy with things for my kids. I did list 1 item late Saturday but didn't get the others till today. Well I've also been working on stuff for my church, the preshool my kids go to, new patterns, items for my family, items I've been promising my daughter, items I never finished, new mediums to work in...... well I disgress. The list could go on and on. But without further adew here's what I'm now offering Crochet Shopping Tote Bags. Some are plastic and some made from acrylic yarn. They are a fashionable eco-friendly solution for all you're shopping needs. Who ever said you can't be "green" and fashion forward, well they were wrong. Just feast your eyes on my handy work.

First up the plastic- These paticular ones were made from garbage bags (new and unused) I will offer some like these that are made from grocery bags but I haven't finished the one I started yet. (it takes a lot and I use totes for most of my shopping. Needless to saw I don't get a lot of plastic ones.)

Now for the Acrylic Yarn ones

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