Thursday, February 3, 2011

Betsy's Baubles is no longer listed

Due to the fact that not one of Betsy's Baubles items sold, this artist has removed her items from Scrappy Nappy. I am sorry to see her go and wish her well in all of her endeavors. However, I do hope to maybe list some very nice jewelry for sale later this year.

My yard sale/craft fair was a total bust. I bought two tables for $40.00 and only sold $11.00 in used clothing and not one item from my store. On the bright side I sold a wool cover (from online) and made at least enough to cover for one of my tables.

I am hopeful to revamp the store a bit, making it a little-less cartoonish before the end of the year. All in all, I will be spending this year reevaluating everything I sell in my stores as well as how it looks. I will be adding new things as I think of them and I am in the process of working on patterns for sale. Some sewing and some crochet patterns. I also will have some FREE ones as well. I'm even thinking of offering some uTube video content of tips and tricks for sewing and crocheting. This will be a very busy year for me other than just making the items to sell in my stores, as many of you know I am first and foremost a mother to my four kids, but I'm also going to school online to be an Accountant (CPA). By next year I hope to have my BA in Business with concentrations in Accounting (hopefully I can also add Finance to that as well). I will also be working on my Associates of Applied Science degree in Deaf Interpretive Services. It has just been something I've always wanted to know.

Lastly, I hope this is a fruitful year for me and my family. And as always I will still offer you and your family my very best products that can be handmade, as well as, close to green items that I can.

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