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Friday, October 16, 2009

What My craft room looks like before I started to work on it

Well I know no one likes to show their craft room when its a mess. Well I will

Well the only reason it ended up looking like this is that about 2 years ago I gave up on crafting and my room became the dumping ground for anything that didn't have a place. I got a job to help ends meet. Well needless to say I ended up prego with baby #4 and has some preterm labor. I wasn't planning to have another baby but I thought a happy healthy baby was more important than money in my pocket. So I quit my job to take care of myself. Well when the baby was born he hardly ever slept and he cried all the time. I was breastfeeding but have a lot of problems with it. I then had issues with my thyroid (again) and my milk dried up so I have to formula feed. Then threw trial and error I found out he is lactos sensitive. (Goodie) any who things are getting better and he's almost 1 year old now. So now it's time to finish what I started and get it out of here. I've tried to sell the parts but no one wanted it. So I'll finish it and sell it then.

So keep checking back at my store (Scrappy Nappy HC) I keep finishing things and adding them to the store weekly.


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